Location Rebel Review

Are you interested in being “Location Independent“?

Are you wanting to be able to work from anywhere?

Are you interested in rapidly learning skills that will lead to freelance jobs and side income?

If you answered “yes” to any of these – then keep reading.

I’m about to give you my unadulterated, honest, and complete review of Location Rebel…I joined Sean Ogle’s EPIC “Location Rebel” program – and by the time you’re through reading, I’ll expect to be seeing you in the forums!

Grand in scale is the best way I can describe Location Rebel – it is one of the most ambitious membership sites I’ve joined.

The idea behind LR is that it is possible to learn enough skills in a short amount of time to allow you to begin making money (either as a side business/endeavor or for the more enterprising as a primary business).

What Goes Into Location Rebel?

There are basically three parts to LR – first is the basic background on the idea of the “Relative Expert” – it’s all about lateral skills and the skill matrix theory (I think Sean Ogle made this up but the idea still makes a ton of sense)

Then we get into the meat and potatoes – the Entrepreneur Blueprints – these are the guides/blueprints on 12 (and more on the way) different skills that you can learn rather quickly and use to start making money or (as in my case) improve your existing skillsets.

But, my favorite part is the Forums – this is the place to be.  There are tons of interactions going on here, and it is all very supportive and encouraging.  You’ll not only find Sean interacting here – but also many of the current Rebels and some of the entrepreneurs that are used in the blueprints sections.

What Makes It So Special?

Ah, I knew you would ask that.

In my opinion the thing that makes it so good is that it is not simply a tutorial where you read through things and then try to apply what you’ve just read.  Or read it, then try to apply it the next day (or the next week or next month as the case may be).

The idea is to read through sections and be involved and interactive.  At the end of sections you will be prompted by questions you have to fill out – they aren’t simply rhetorical questions, but rather questions designed to keep you focused on what you’ve read and prompt you to think about using what you have just learned about.  You’ll go through sections and get to questions, then you will have your responses emailed back to you – this serves to help you review yourself and your answers as you go through the program.

This type of learning is continued in the Blueprints section.  When going through each of the topics you’ll have to answer questions on what you’ve read.  Not as a test – but moreso as a reinforcer for what you’ve just covered.

What’s With The Blueprints?

There are 12 different blueprints – that using the Skill Matrix Theory (discussed in the Location Rebel section) can be used to combine and strengthen any skills you currently have or those you’ll learn while going through the program.

The Blueprints that are available are:

  • SEO Freelance Writing*
  • Web Development
  • Create a Remote Work Assignment
  • Become a Pro Project Manager
  • SEO Freelancing *
  • How To Set Up an E-Commerce Store*
  • Make $10K/Month Copywriting
  • Make $60/Hour Technical Writing
  • 6 Figures as Advertising Rockstar
  • Freelance Pay-Per-Click “Ninja”
  • Earn Passive Income through Info Product Creation*
  • Location Rebel Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • UPCOMING – This is not active, BUT, Sean has stated in his newsletter and the forums that a Business/Finance blueprint is coming with input from Kyle Durand
*These are my PERSONAL favorites

Here’s where things get interesting.  You’ll choose about 2 or 3 of the blueprints to follow and start putting the skills you’re learning to use.

What I did is follow a couple of the complementary blueprints first.  For example, I followed the SEO writing then go onto the SEO freelance blueprints.  These are complementary in they both deal with writing and optimizing of websites.  Combining these skills gives you valuable tools that you can put to use on your own websites or that you can provide to clients to improve their sites.

Another route I might take: follow the Web Development blueprint then go to the Copywriting and finish up with the Advertising component.  Put these together and you would be a formidable designer with the copy skills necessary to promote your clients (or yourself).

These are just a few of the ways you can use the blueprints.  Hell, you could go through each blueprint and then set up freelancing jobs for each of the skills.  Or you could just choose to focus on one skill and set up shop doing just that.  The options are pretty limitless.

But Has It Worked For You?

That is probably the main question on your mind, I know if I were reading this and I was on the fence with purchasing this that is what I would want to know.

So, here’s my answer:  Yes and no.

WAIT – let me clarify.

When Sean first opened LocationRebel – he opened it to a limited number of seats (20 to be exact).  I was the 3rd person to sign up and he sold out all 20 seats within the hour of opening it.  I like to think of myself as a beta-tester.

Now, on to the answer.

No, I haven’t become “Location Independent” since starting to follow the blueprints. But, that isn’t exactly my goal in joining up for LR. My goal is to be able to create a business that will allow me to bring in more income – and if I decide to, leave my regular job and become a “work-from-anywhere-I-want-Entrepreneur”

In all honesty though I haven’t done a lot of self-marketing, I have created a business based on the skills I’ve learned and implemented in LR and I’m making money doing things I’ve learned directly through Location Rebel!

I have done SEO Freelancing for multiple clients (which I would not have been able to do without LR) – I have written SEO articles for companies (which I wouldn’t have even thought was something I could do before LR), and without fully going through the Web Development blueprint I’ve done work with companies to set up their websites.

Beyond what I’ve learned in LR – I can wholeheartedly say, that YES, Location Rebel has worked for me.

I have used the blueprints to understand SEO and SEO writing.  I’ve done some SEO writing in the past – but this gave me insight into how to better promote articles and how to contact companies to offer up services to.  The SEO freelancing component has been the most invaluable for me so far.

I’ve used the SEO component to optimize a couple of my sites.  I have a website that uses a premium SEO-optimized theme – but I apparently wasn’t doing anything close to right with my websites when it comes to SEO.  The blueprint walked me through all the SEO basics I needed to go back and modify my websites which in turn allowed me to get to page one of google for my top keyword.  Previously, I was lucky to be on page 3 – and the jump to page one occurred within a week of making changes to my website based on what I learned in the blueprint.  I’ve also made close to $100 from properly optimizing a post that has a key affiliate link in it.

Those things alone have made Location Rebel a success and a valuable investment for me.

Okay, so I’m done trying to sell you on the benefits of Location Rebel – If you are still interested in the program you should check out the Location Rebel site and watch the opening videos, read some of the case studies, and definitely download the free e-book.  Then decide whether this is something for you.

But, Because I so strongly believe in the value of what Sean has put together I want to offer you something from myself – so, I’ve put together a few “bonuses” to entice you to try out Location Rebel.

Here’s what I have to offer to you if you join Location Rebel through my link

[framed_box rounded=”true”]

Bonus #1: I will personally set up your first WordPress blog/site on a domain of your choosing (I recommend you purchase your own hosting first though – I use DreamHost, but you can go with anyone really)

Bonus #2: My guide to being a Successful Online Freelancer – most of us starting online businesses will be doing freelance work in some capacity or another, let me give you my guide to help you navigate some of the things you will encounter as a freelancer (bonus, bonus: it goes great with a lot of the skills you’ll be learning in LR!)

Bonus #3: One of the things I’ve had to work on is my self confidence – this is just one of the key traits needed to be successful. Learn more with my 5 Traits you Need to Be Successful e-book. I’ll send you this e-book to help you make sure you’re cultivating your success!


Here’s how you get your bonuses:

  1. Sign up for Location Rebel through any of the LR links on this page or click here
  2. Shoot me an email at brian [at] brianvalentin [dot] com to confirm your purchase
  3. Pop in to the LR forums and say hello – and look for me!
As soon as I can confirm you – I’ll send you your e-books and we’ll work out a plan to get your website set up!

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside of Location Rebel!

*Disclaimer – Some of the links on this page are Affiliate Links, if you make a purchase through my link I receive a commission on the sale price.  

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